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Vizle captures both the key visual moments and spoken text. Gathers them into a PDF or PPT doc.

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Your service is great and the best out there what I could find!

Denise, Sweden

“Vizle is amazing for students! Right now i have to screenshot all my videos after each power point slide changes or take pictures with my camera, which is very frustrating and time consuming. This would save tons of time and headache.”

Vivian, USA

“In Turkey, it is very common to study for vocational exams by watching lessons on YouTube. Long lecture videos are really time consuming. Vizle making these videos readable is very beneficial for students in Turkey.”

Ryan, Turkey

Vizle gives you notes from videos on-the-go! Hardly takes a minute for getting PDF from lecture videos.

Aditi, MBBS Student, India

Hour long lectures are brain-numbing. I need to pause video constantly, absorb, write down, then continue. With Vizle, you can watch and make notes on slides in parallel. Very smooth!

Sani, Nursing Student, Finland

Besides key screenshots, you can also download entire transcripts of Youtube videos in PDF format. Amazing!

Shanu, Digital Marketer, India

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Why Convert Videos into Doc?

  • save costs

    Videos are bulky to share and store

  • slides plz

    Many cases, all you want are slides, not the video

  • slowww

    Many videos are tooo long to stay awake!

  • search ?!

    Finding, copying content inside a video is hard

  • seek

    Jumping back and forth is painful

  • slow pace

    Must keep up with the speaker's pace, slow or fast

  • get da idea?

    Watching at 2x doesn't allow deep understanding

  • hard2focus

    Videos need your unwavering attention.

How does Vizle help?

  • static-ify

    Document dynamic videos as static pages

  • all-in

    Preserve most of the content -- key visual moments and spoken text

  • edit friendly

    Easier to edit text and images vs a video

  • self paced

    Read the spoken text at your own pace

  • easy scroll

    PDF / PPT files are easy to read, skim, search, make notes and share

  • internet?

    Avoid struggle with web, slow connections

  • focus-learn

    Simply focus on the content and learn at your own pace

  • no binging!

    Avoid distractions on Youtube

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