Vizle - Frequently Asked Questions


Vizle is a revolutionary tool to help you work and learn from videos and media files faster.

Videos are bulky: hard to navigate, make notes and store. Long videos and podcasts often test your patience, forcing you to go 2x.

Vizle converts your videos to a more handy slides-like format, which capture key moments from the video, together with spoken text per slide (English). Convert videos to PDF, PPT or online slides. Access all converted videos in your private media collection.

No more watching videos at 2x -- simply skim through the slides/PDF to find the stuff you need or revise the content or make notes.

We've done over 100k converts till date, supported users from 180+ countries. Zillions of video file formats handled, transcripts generated, delivered in real-time.

Several hundred satisfied, returning customers - no refunds asked till date. Our default settings work well for most customers. In fact, as many customers acknowledge, Vizle is the only app that works for documenting videos!

We are confident Vizle can effectively convert your videos to documents of value to you.


The Vizle Free Plan allows you to check how Vizle works. Simply captures video screenshots at regular intervals and restricted to only short videos, few slides. Images include watermark.

For longer videos, removing watermarks, converting to PPTs, more slides, and other features, consider purchasing one of our very affordable Vizle plans.

Vizle's smart algorithm captures all the key visual moments for you. Convert videos to PDF. No watermarks. Limited to videos of maximum length 30 minutes and 20 slides.

Vizle Basic is suitable for you if you have short videos and only need a PDF.

Find more details here.

Generate both PDF and PPT from long videos. Vizle's smart algorithm captures all the key visual moments for you.

Transcripts available for selected YouTube videos with existing captions.

Video length up to 2 hours maximum. No watermarks.

Generate both PDF and PPT from videos. Unlimited video length. Full (English) side-by-side Transcripts available.
Dedicated customer service.
Some customers have unique requirements, not covered by any existing plan. In such cases, we are happy to provide a custom plan for you.
Write to us at or fill this form to get in touch with us. We will get back with a suitable plan / solution asap.
Here's a quick guide. For short videos and extracting only images, please select the Basic plan. For longer videos up to 2 hours (extract images and selective transcript), please go with the Pro plan. For unlimited length videos and full transcripts (English), please select the Premium plan. Please check individual plan details for more information.
If you need to convert several videos at once, you can directly purchase one or more blocks of 5 credits for any Plan from our website. Simply select the number of blocks from the dropdown menu at purchase time.
A single Vizle credit allows you to convert videos up to 1 hr or 100 converted pages. We track credits usage based on the video duration and slides converted.
Vizle is improving continously to serve our customers better. We are happy to fulfil specific requests to the best of our capacity.

For example, can you provide a zip of all screenshots extracted? Sure. Can I request for bulk video conversion? Sure. Can you provide PPTs with editable images? Yes, at an additional cost. Please get in touch (email, chat) to share your requirements and we will setup a custom plan for you.


We use Stripe / Razorpay for secure billing. You can pay by credit card or other supported gateways.
Paypal support coming soon - ping us if you prefer Paypal.
All payments are via reputed payment gateways and fully secured by Internet protocols. We DO NOT collect, view, or store any credit card information.
Vizle takes your privacy very seriously. We use your uploaded video files for conversion purpose only. Once the conversion is done, we delete the video files from our servers.

All the traffic between your browser and our servers is encrypted with industry standard HTTPS and SSL technologies.


Please ensure you Login with the same email address you used for payment.
Please ensure that your video files/URLs are public. Vizle cannot access private files. For example, set the sharing options to your Google Drive file to public/anyone.
The Vizle Free plan selects only a few screenshots at regular intervals from your video so that you get a quick gist of the video. It does not attempt to capture all the key moments (slides).

Vizle Basic / Pro / Premium Plans use smart algorithms to find all key visual moments, that are then added to the PDF / PPT file. Accompanied by side-by-side transcripts, wherever applicable.

To unlock Vizle's magic, please purchase a Vizle Plan!
Vizle allows file uploads upto 500MB only to avoid network failures during upload. For larger files, please upload your files to Google Drive and share the public URL.
The total conversion time includes both (a) video access time over network (b) video to PDF conversion.

We've optimized (b) heavily -- it is pretty quick even for long videos. However, (a) is not within our control and may make the wait longer.

We've observed that if you have videos on Google Drive, they are quicker to convert.


Long lecture videos are hard to re-watch and revise, especially right before the exams.

Once you convert lecture videos to slides / PDF format, it is easy to navigate content, print it, make notes directly on slides and so on.

Before exams, quickly go through the slides and revise the notes made by you.

Plus, access all your videos together with Vizle private collection.

Users from 180+ countries use Vizle to work with a wide variety of videos. From meetings, seminars and certification exam preparation to taking video lecture notes, obtaining lecture transcripts, video lyrics, and so on.

Read our blogs to learn more about additional use cases and benefits