Our Story

The Vizle team's agenda is to make working and learning from videos seamless. In contrast to documents or images, videos are bulky, hard to navigate, costly to save and modify. By converting to documents, say PDF or PPT, Vizle unshackles you from the burden of videos and enables you to learn more productively, at your own pace. We therefore strive to offer a smooth, fast and top-quality Video conversion experience to our users, to augment their learning experience from videos multi-fold.

Born in Bangalore in 2021, the Vizle project started as a personal need. Our team learns a lot from videos, and our to-watch list keeps growing. Watching at 2x doesn't really help understand the content deeply. You end up learning at the video's (or speaker's) pace, not your own pace. Even though millions face similar problems with online learning, we were surprised to see no products available to solve this critical problem. With no option, users took screenshots manually and put them together using an editor.

We wondered if there is a way to make learning more efficient. Maybe take snapshots and bundle them in a single PDF? But, are snapshots sufficient? Don't you sometimes need the spoken transcript too? Months of brainstorming led to Vizle, where we seamlessly combine screenshots and spoken text into a handy document -- PDF or PPT or other formats.

Our belief is that, since pretty much everyone learns from videos, making it efficient would benefit millions of people across the world. And truly, we have been blessed with users from around the world, who are able to learn more deeply by switching from videos to a more handy document format.

In fact, we were elated to receive many compliments like:

"I didn't know that this was possible!", "You saved me countless hours" and "Vizle made my learning experience deeper".

Being able to have such a worldwide impact, makes us feel truly appreciated.

We envision growing Vizle into a powerful, multi-dimensional, video assistant. Your support and trust in us inspires our small team to work hard towards the dream of making your video learning experience intuitive and enjoyable.