How to Convert a Video to PDF?

Short answer: Use Vizle, a unique, revolutionary solution to convert videos to PDF, PPTX and more.

Vizle is the world’s first intelligent video assistant to help you learn from videos more effectively.


A video file consists of a sequence of frames (images) and audio. A naive way to convert the video to PDF is to ‘cut-paste’ each of the frames/images one after another in the output PDF file. Usually a video file has 30 frames per second, so you really don’t want to do this for a video that is even a few seconds long!

A smarter approach is to select the key (points of interest) frames from the video and convert them to the PDF file. You get a more useful PDF this way - the PDF comes across a concise summary of the video.

Doing this manually can be very laborious and take even hours — select a frame, take screenshot, go back and forth in the video. But even taking video screenshots isn’t enough. To obtain a good video summary, you also need to know what is being said. Doing this manually is a huge pain and no existing tools do that.

So, we created Vizle.


Vizle converts videos automatically into the PDF format and readable slides which contain both, the key points-of-interest snapshots and the spoken text transcript from the video, side-by-side. With Vizle, you can convert video to PDF fully online for free – no software to install and free to try.

How do you convert your videos to PDF ?

  • Go to the Vizle Video to PDF Convert page.
  • Submit your video URL or Upload your video.
  • Click Convert.
  • In a few moments, the converted PDF and PPT files are ready!

That’s it! Besides the PDF and PPT obtained from your video, Vizle also generates readable PPT-like slides, which can be viewed online anywhere.

Vizle supports multiple video sources and formats.

  • Video URLs from both Youtube and Google Drive
  • If your video is stored on your local computer, simply Upload the video file and convert.

Files of the types aac, ogg, m4a, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpga, wav and webm are supported. This includes recordings files from Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and many popular formats.

Vizle: the only Video-to-PDF tool that delivers!

Since we launched Vizle, we’ve seen users from around the world (180+ countries) flock to it and utilize Vizle to learn from their videos effectively. From technical certification exams to children’s books to medical videos to workshop meetings and tutorials – we are astounded to see the variety of videos the users trust Vizle with!

Vizle is the first such tool in the world that helps you be a super-efficient learner with videos. You can get main ideas from the videos, and make notes without spending hours! We are proud to be impacting and receive love from so many users across the world.

We’ve also been improving Vizle as we get more users with diverse requirements. Many users do not find the PDF format enough for their needs. If you need more than PDF, you can also convert the video to PPT format with Vizle and download it. For example, if you want to create new presentations for teaching, reusing the PPT converted from video is often easier.

Some users just want the transcript from the video, nothing else! The video-to-text conversion from Vizle allows you to extract the spoken text transcript from the video and download it in text or PDF format.

We are building Vizle so that learning from videos can be fun again – read, listen and learn at your own pace without playing catch up with videos.

Make Vizle part of your learning journey!

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