Recover PPT slides or PDF from MP4 video presentations

Often you find yourself watching and learning from a video lecture to study for exams or perhaps revisiting the video of a presentation someone gave at work. You really want to go through the slides carefully again, and perhaps make notes or prepare your own presentation material.

But here’s the problem: all you have is the video! ONLY the video! You can go ahead and take snapshots with desktop snapshot tools or a browser plugin. But that is really laborious. You really wish there was an easier way to do that.

Let’s look a bit deeper into this problem. Why is learning from videos tough. Why would you prefer slides to the video presentation?

  • Videos are often too long and tiring to get through.
  • Making notes, revising is all very hard. You can’t make notes on top of a video.
  • Jumping to a moment takes a lot of to and fro search.
  • Storing videos for revision also has drawbacks – videos consume a lot of space on disk.

From video presentation to PPT

Many Benefits of Converting videos to PPT

What if you could directly get back the original PDF or PPT from the video? That would be great! Converting the video presentation, say in MP4 format, back to PPT or PDF would give you a lot of leverage. You can learn faster, even print them and study without your computer. Perhaps you don’t like reading from the screen, so printed documents are a boon.

In some cases, you don’t just want the images, you want the spoken words too. There is a lot said outside the slides, and that can be helpful too.

Converting videos to PPT or PDF can be useful in many more ways.

  • Improved compatibility: PPT is a widely used and well-supported format, and can be viewed on a variety of platforms and devices. Converting video to PDF or PPT can make it easier to share the video with others and ensure that it can be played on a variety of platforms.

  • Enhanced editing capabilities: PPT files can be edited and customized in a number of ways, including adding text, images, and other multimedia elements. Converting video to PPT can allow the person or organization to more easily incorporate the video into documents and tailor it to the needs of the audience.

  • Increased accessibility: PPT files can be made more accessible to people with disabilities, such as those who are blind or have low vision. Converting video to PPT or PDF can allow the person or organization to add closed captions or other accessibility features to the video, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

  • Improved organization: PPT files can be used to create structured and organized documents, with sections and page breaks clearly defined. Converting video to PPT can allow the person or organization to more easily organize and present the video in a clear and cohesive manner.

Vizle: from video presentations to PPT or PDF

Here’s the unique solution we’ve build - Vizle. Vizle captures the key moments from your presentation video, along with the speaker’s notes and generates a PPT or PDF file. The PPT or the PDF file contains those key moments as images, together with spoken text. Now, as we said earlier, you can read, skim and even print the video, if you like.

There are a couple of things that Vizle needs to get right here. First of all, capturing the key moments is the key! You don’t want to lose any slides, nor do you want to have repeated slides with the same content. Vizle does it pretty well and automatically.

Next, Vizle extracts the spoken text to get the transcripts. The transcripts are presented side-by-side with the screenshots, making it easy for you to read what was said at that moment during presentation. The slides and transcripts accelerate your learning multi-fold and save you from drawbacks of storing and playing videos everytime.

How do you use Vizle ?

Suppose you have a presentation and want to convert video presentations to PDF or PPT-like slides format. How do you use Vizle to do that?

Simply enter the URL of your video (from Youtube or Google drive) and click convert. Within a few minutes, you will get the slides, PDF and PPT documents for your video. You can also upload your videos and convert the video to PDF and PPT.

Here are the steps to convert your video:

  • Go to the Vizle Video to PDF Convert page.
  • Submit your video URL or Upload your video.
  • Click Convert.
  • In a few moments, the converted PDF and PPT files are ready!

Vizle uses some smart algorithms to provide you key snapshots from your video, together with the spoken transcript, side-by-side. It makes sure you get all the required snapshots and no duplicates. If you simply want the transcript, with a few images, that is also possible.

Recover your PPTs with ease

Before we created Vizle, recovering PPTs from videos used to be a very laborious process, if not plain impossible. If you have tons of videos to learn from, taking screenshots manually, especially for long videos, is impossible. Thankfully, you can now convert your videos back to PPT or PDF with ease and learn faster and more efficiently. We already see users from around the world (180+ countries) benefit from our services.

That’s it! Use the Vizle web app to convert your presentation video to PPT and let us know how did it go. Hear from you soon!

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