What are the pros and cons of watching videos at 2x speed?

Each individual’s brain has its own speed of comprehending and understanding concepts. We can improve the same with regular practice.

Sometimes we want to rush things thinking it will improve our productivity and efficiency. But actually the cost is that we waste the time and don’t get the clarity either.

girl watch

Brain gets confused and gets less processing time when we tend to watch the videos at double speed. This confusion in turn effects our understanding and clarity for the subject. Then, to clear our doubts we watch the videos again at double speed and repeat the same mistake.

So it is always advisable to watch the videos at a comfortable speed without giving stress to your brain. To improve the efficiency of learning, try taking notes for the subject and skip portions which are not so important or you already know.

While you are watching the video it is difficult to know what is important or not without actually hearing it. Also pausing the video, taking notes and re-starting, breaks our learning rhythm.

We created Vizle to make it easier to learn from videos. Vizle helps to convert your youtube videos as well as your personal videos into readable slides and pdfs. You can quickly skim through the slides and understand what is important and what is not. At the same time you can take your own notes with the slides . You can save time later by revising the notes your prepared along with the visual slides.

In summary, instead of watching the videos at increased speed, just Vizle the video and increase your learning speed and productivity. Hope this helps!

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