Tired of watching and learning from long videos at 2x ?

How do you learn faster and better from so many educational / lecture videos ?

Here’s a simple trick. You can convert your videos to powerpoint-like slides by taking screenshots manually and pasting them one by one. Unfortunately, this is very laborious. Plus, simply getting video screenshots isn’t enough. You want something that summarizes the video better — to get a good summary, you also need to know what is being said. No existing tools do that, so we created Vizle.


Vizle converts videos automatically into readable slides containing both, the key snapshots and the spoken text transcript from the video, side-by-side. It is fully automatic - you get the slides as well as the video PDF file within seconds of submitting your video. The slides give you a concise summary of the whole video - you no longer need to watch videos at 2x to finish quickly. Just skim through the slides, read the transcript and quickly find what you are looking for.

Fully on web - no software to install and free to try. Simply submit your video URL or upload your video. Vizle provides plenty of options to customize your PDF output.

Even more, you can make notes on the slides directly and export them with the PDF. That is very useful when you want to revise study lectures later. For lifelong learners, Vizle lets you build your own, one-stop, personal video collection for learning faster.

Here is a quick video introducing Vizle. Try out Vizle and let us know if you found it useful. Join our Vizle discord server community for early user benefits.

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